Welcome to our affiliates page. We wish there was enough room on the front page to showcase all of our affiliate but sadly, that's not possible. Here you will find our full list of the sites we affiliate with and ones our members recommend. Most of them are RPG sites, some are not. So we've split them between the two categories.


If you would like to affiliate with us please contact Sarken - admin at therpg.org


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RPG Sites

Lost Worlds is a multi Sci-fi and Fantasy fandom and general discussion Forum website, created primarily to satisfy the needs of both the fans and role players in these genres. Though small, we strive for perfection, with attention to detail. We care for our members, welcoming and friendly to all comers. We began in 2011, starting with our Stargate Role Play, then as time and members grew we changed into a general science fiction and fantasy forum. The small core base of members that began the forum, still exist and as we continue to grow each year, we are constantly searching for new material to add.

Non-RPG Sites
  Calm Chaos is a BOINC crunching team, they use their computers' idle / down time to process blocks of data for projects that range from medical, geological, astronomical, world health, to finding prime numbers. It all started with SETI - The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
  This is a long standing community that thrives on sharing subjects in science, math, entertainment, and even religion and politics. If you're looking for a place to share your views and interests- this is it. The members are as varied as the topics of discussion.
  A community for writers by writers. There are a host of workshops, challenges, reviews, and ways for writers to connect with each other.
  Fan-Fiction.net is one of the oldest and enduring sites for writers of fan-fiction. Whether your piece is based on a book, movie, or TV show (new or old) this is a decent place to share your works.
  A  community for writers to connect with each other, share their works, challenge themselves on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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