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Characters for 'Stargate Alpha' - pending approval.
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Character Profile Template

Post by Sarken » October 20th, 2017, 5:34 pm

Character Profile Template

Avatar Representation- tell us who the actor is you've chosen for your character. Use the upload feature to add the image. maximum size is 200 x 200/ If you have a problem uploading the image link to a copy on the internet. On acceptance of your profile, the image will be added to your avatar cache.

Given Name
Code Name: If applicable
Affiliation- SGC, Colonial- basically asking - which organization or group does the character work for or align with?

Date of Birth month/day only
Place of Birth- if not Earth, only list Planet

IQ - not necessary but if your character is the type to toot his or her own- then yeah, brag away.
See Charts here for these 3 items

Eye Color
Hair Color

Marital Status
Birth Rank

Education - while the military would know everything from preschool to college we're not that concerned.
- Primary - high school
- College

Military If applicable - include position, such as 'Colonial Forces, Viper pilot' or 'SGC - Air Force, Army, Marines, Civilian Contractor, etc' You get the idea. We don't include rank because this can change over time.

Hobbies - these can be used as plot points and character development. Such as Sam Carter grows plants, we know this because she mentions talking to them in 'One False Move'. O'Neill is an amateur astronomer- he has a telescope on his roof and he knows certain definitions. So, what kinds of things does your character like to do when he or she is not working?

Background: a few paragraphs (max 3 pages) on the history of your character.
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