Laurell O'Connell

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Laurell O'Connell

Post by Ice » August 23rd, 2012, 6:34 pm

Name: Laurell O'Connell
Codename / Street Name: Ice

Height: 05 ft 03 in
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Naturally white and blue tinted
Eye: Pale blue
Skin color: deathy pale
Birthplace: Pennsylvania, USA.


Psionic Analysis: Psycic ability to project her below freezing body temperature.

Offensive Ability: Pull together water particles in the air by freezing them one by one into shards of ice that can be thrown or fall naturally into the bodies of the offending person/people/objects.

Defensive Ability: When in direct contact with another person Ice has the ability to force water molecules into them and freeze them alive.

Muted Ability: Because of Laurell's abilities she can create snow for a fun time in the middle of summer, ice skating in the hall way, or even just cooling someone drink. The practical joke possibilities are endless.

Background- 1995, Pennsylvania

It was truly a winter wonderland this year. The snow was falling slowly and gracefully over the picturesque landscape. The horse drawn sleighs of the Amish were riding alongside the road toward the Yoder’s farm not but two miles from the O’Connell’s more modern farm. The O’Connell family had bought the land years ago from a young Amish couple that was moving to Ohio. Will O’Connell was a very kind man and worked hard with his family to make their way in this world. They grew everything, from corn, to soy beans.
Young Laurell O’Connell sat upon the front living room’s window seat wrapped in a hand-made quilt crafted by one of the local Amish families. Her blue eyes watched out the window as the world moved by without her. Avalon, Laurell’s older sister, was supposed to pick her up and take her to the Yoder’s party. Laurell already had her brand new ice skates from Christmas in her hand. Avalon was running an hour late, as usual. Laurell wasn’t going to let Avalon ruin all of the fun by making Laurell miss the party; Laurell stood up letting the blanket fall to the wooden floor. She put on her jacket and ran out of the door.
Every step farther away from home left the snow falling faster and harder. Laurell gripped her ice skates tight careful not to drop them in her haste to reach her destination before the snow fell to hard. The weather would not listen to her hopes and the snow just came from the sky in blankets, causing white-out conditions. Laurell started to run; the ground was slick from the wet snow and slush. She began to second guess her every move uncertain which way to go. The wind picked up a howled a tune of freezing death in her ears. Fear allowed her feet to run faster and faster, pounding against the hardness of the frozen farm land.
Her ability to see was only a meager inch in front of her. She could hear laughter in the distance, but it echoed all around her. The screams that left her parched lips must have been left un heard for the party was going on without her. Laurell’s next step didn’t land like the others it went down and down. She tried to catch herself from falling, but to no avail. Laurell’s head struck something hard and when her unconscious body hit the body, she was blanketed with snow.
The party had ended hours ago, her family had no idea where their little Laurell was, their beautiful blonde haired blue eyed daughter. The snow was still falling, and all signs pointed to her having tried to go to the party alone. The snow fall didn’t let up enough until lunch the following day. Temperatures overnight had dropped near the zero mark with wind chill added in. A search party was sent out to find her covering entire fields were corn would be planted in a few short months. It was in a ditch between the corn and soy bean fields that she lay sleeping.
Most of the people never thought they would find her alive after the freezing night. Her body was so cold the difference could be felt a foot from her body. Her lips were blue as though she had indeed frozen to death. The area around her eyes was tinted all wrong. Laurell’s body mimicked that of a frozen corpse. The family wrapped her in blankets and carried her home, a doctor was there waiting.
Laurell sat quietly as she was examined. The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her except her body temperate was set a nice and cool thirty degrees, and falling.
The doctor reported his curious findings to her parents who looked back and forth in fear and shock. How was the girl still alive?
Laurell spent the next year in a research lab at her parent’s insistence. There had to be something seriously wrong with her to survive at that temperature. While in the lab they discovered that wasn’t the only thing wrong with the girl. She had acquired some strange abilities; she could not only survive with her low temperature, she could force it lower still. She could concentrate hard enough to force those cold temperatures into water particles that surrounded her in the air, and other things. Everything was made up of particles they explained to her; the human body was seventy percent water.
Tired of being locked up with her families’ permission and tested and observed she reached out to one of the doctors one day and forced that cold into them, freezing every seventy percent in them. The terrifying blue lips smiled when she stole the key card and simply walked away. She adopted the name Ice, after all Laurell had died back in those fields; her family had abandoned the freak.
Ice learned to live on her own, stealing from the rich to give to, well, herself. Her pockets got lined doing some very bad things in her young life. She has a penchant for fast cars and bikes. Never staying in one place very long, it makes it very easy to keep from acquiring any close friendships. For friendships and family isn’t something a freak like her can have.
But now having helped and met some of the psionics maybe that seems to have changed. The big question is will she stick around this time?
The bi*** is back!

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