Jessica Ayers

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Jessica Ayers

Post by Avalon » September 26th, 2012, 8:12 pm

Psionic Analysis

Offensive Ability: Precognitive Intuition- Avalon has the ability of intuition. She can feel with absolute surety what a person is going to do within seconds of when they actually do it. She has been trained to combine this ability with her martial arts skill. Avalon has never tried to push her ability to its limits. However, there is the possibility of seeing further into the future. She would need to attempt it first however.

Defensive Ability: Martial Supremacy- Avalon is agile and skilled in multiple forms of martial arts. Being able to see people's intentions just before they happen makes it easy for Avalon to be where she needs to be when she needs to be defend herself.

Muted Ability: pending

She is good with knives, guns, and her body. She may look like a model but she is nothing to mess with.

Background- Born Jessica Ayers to a wealthy family in Baltimore, Maryland. Jessica was given every opportunity, ballet classes, music tutors, private school, and her choice was martial art instruction. Jessica began to learn to fight as a child when she was five years old. Her instructors were all very impressed at her quick rise of understanding of the art. In school Jessica was the popular girl with all the latest fashions, boys chasing after her good looks, and money to boot. From the outside looking in Jessica's life was perfection; her life was the dream of every girl around the world.

She was never happy with all of the expensive schools and clothes. Jessica never wanted all the newest and best things that money could buy. She craved excitement, earned for adventure. At the age of 15 she was given that chance. Jessica had managed to be invited to a martial arts competition in Hong Kong, China. It was weeks before she could muster up enough courage to beg her parents for the permission to attend. But, over-bearing and protective was what made up her parental units idea of parenting. They may never have come to any of her recitals, meets, or competitions; but her parents made sure that she was never far from home.

Instead of waiting for their permission, Jessica took it upon herself to steal the money needed for the trip and go herself. And, go she did. Jessica's first time abroad without her parents was freeing. She walked through Hong Kong without worrying about the Nanny's watchful eyes. Her hotel room was small, simple and cheap. Her first night was the first truly relaxing night she has ever had. The next morning the phone rang with a happy hello from the front desk to wake her for the first day of tournament.

Dressed and ready to go she sat cross legged at the edge of the mat watching as one after another person fell and was eliminated. Jessica didn't stretch or practice unlike so many other contenders. Jessica sat there with a perfectly calm exterior; her heart was pounding so fast it seemed it would burst forth from her chest. The buzzer sounded yet another ended match and called up the next two contenders, it was Jessica's turn. She reached back and tightened her blond pony tail and walked slowly onto the mat, her bare feet making indentations in the soft plastic.

Her heart beat faster and faster. The buzzer hadn't even rung, and she felt as if her consciousness was slipping away from her like she had been knocked out before the match had begun. It was then that she watched from the sidelines the match she was now waiting to begin. She observed her opponents kick and jab, then the hook and knee that would have her panting on the ground. NO! Jessica could not allow her first match in this tournament to be her last.

The buzzer brought her back to the current time; her body wasn't unconscious on the floor. No, she was standing just as she had been before. First her opponent threw the kick toward her torso. Jessica knew it was coming and countered the upcoming jab but following her opponent’s range of motion and velocity to pull him forward and anchored just right flipped the man that was twice her size to his back. She lifted her right leg up parallel with her long lean body and forced her ridged heel down to his gut. Just as she had been taught she visualized her foot not only making contact but punching a hole clean through her opponent’s chest. The man lost his breath but got up slowly as the judges marked the points.

Again, Jessica was watching the match from the sidelines seeing the strikes the man was going to attempt next. Every punch, kick, knee, or elbow the man threw at her was countered or blocked easily by Jessica. She saw every move he was going to make before he made it. The buzzer signaled the end of the round, and Jessica was marked to move on to the next round. She fought her way to the finals using the newly discovered technique. She smiled as she pounded the defending champion to the mat without ever being able to land a hit on her.

After receiving her trophy and packing up to go back to the hotel for a few days of site seeing a man approached her. He whispered beautiful things about adventure and danger that no one would have other wise offered the little rich girl from Baltimore. He offered her payment to protect a package. It didn't take her but a moment to forget about ever returning home. Jessica worked for the man until she was twenty and she killed him simply to be free of the man.

There were no tears split for her old life of luxury in Baltimore. She knew her parents were looking for her, but they would never find Jessica again. She had given herself a new name, Avalon. The magical isle, Valhalla was already taken.

Avalon made her money from contracts, and her fists. Along with the special psychic boost on her intuition; Avalon was unstoppable and loved every dangerous, adventurous minute of it all.
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