Jonathon Steen

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Jonathon Steen

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Name: Jonathon Steen
Code-name: Pyroclastic
DoB: February 12
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: brown
Eyes: hazel
Skin color: Caucasian
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario - Canada


Psionic Analysis

Offensive Ability: Pyrokinesis- Jonathon is capable of creating, manipulating, and controlling the element of fire. His level of control ranges from lighting a cigarette to creating back-drafts and maneuvering the flow of a large forest fire. The strength of his ability is dependent on the environmental surroundings.

Defensive Ability: Heat-blast- Jonathon can create a force wave of hot air –especially when angered- that behaves like a blast-wave. Effective results range from 1st degree burning to scorched. He can affect a range up to 30 ft. The affected land would appear is an explosion occurred.

Muted Ability: Heat Sensory- Jonathon can sense the presence of heat and locate the source at the atomic level. He uses this in his profession of volcanology.


Reputation- well known in The Consortium as well as those in his profession

Status - independent

Profession- volcanology

Personality: He is considered by most to be reserved and quiet. To his closest friends he’s forever the big-brother.

Jonathon Steen is a graduate of The Consortium Academic Program. He was 12 yrs old when his first ability appeared. Incensed in witnessing a brutal event of bully he jumped in to defend the smaller child. With an outcry meant to intimidate the bully he unleashed a wave of hot air. Several students were burned in this event and the bully received 2nd degree burns as well as broken bones from being tossed backwards. The school library lost several bookshelves and their contents. It was as if they were burned by an intense fire.

With regards to his intentions, and that he was a juvenile first time offender- the judge chose to be lenient. He gave Jonathon a suspended sentence with the condition of attending a program that would help him. He and his parents were given the choice of The Garston Institute or The Consortium. While he was interviewed and accepted by both, his parents opted for The Consortium.

Away from his ‘normal’ parents Jonathon limited his interactions with his fellow students to his roommate and a small group of friends.

In his academics he excelled in math and science. Intrigued and fascinated by his Dad’s work- he chose classes that set him on the same path.

It seemed fitting that as his abilities matured they were pyrokinetic. The second to emerge was the heat-sensory. He first noticed it during chemistry class. After lighting the bun sin burner he noticed an aurora about it. He told his instructor that he could ‘see’ the energy of the flame. It was alive to him.

Soon after, as he trained to hone this skill, he came to discover that he could pool this energy from his environment and create fire. As this developed it earned him the status of ‘the man on campus’. Despite the ‘requests’ to show off his growing talents Jonathon understood the danger and would decline. “Watch me while I’m training” he’d tell them.

Throughout his life Jonathon made his reputation through his work. With the rarity of pyrokinetic Psionics he agreed to be retained by The Consortium as an ‘ability instructor’ or adjunct science instructor. Otherwise, he works along side his parents on research grants.

He is an only child. His father is a volcanologist and his mother is a seismologist.
He is single and while it doesn't show he’s a romantic. He does hold to hope that someday he’ll find the right gal.

He has had two protégés: Shalimar ‘Blaze’ Pierce and Amanda ‘Double Fire’ Matchall.

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