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Dr. Erik von Adrise

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Name: Dr. Erik von Adrise

Dr. Arnum Helmut Krauss
“Dr. Frankenstein”

Height: 5' 5''
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany




During the rise of Hitler's Third Reich, young Erik was a lab assistant to his father, Professor Helmut von Adrise, who was a prominent member within the Nazi Party. A year after the invasion of Poland, Erik's father was assigned, by Hitler himself, to study those who were found to have “strange abilities” and discover a way to harness such abilities for his soldiers.

For two years, Erik and his father conducted experiments on countless subjects; experiments that always resulted in death. With the Fuhrer on his heels for results, the experiments became more violent, as his father started becoming mad from his never ending failures.

By the time Berlin fell, Erik's father had cracked the code for manipulating the mutated genes within their subjects. However, the technology required for such manipulation did not yet exist. Foreseeing the inevitable, Erik's father gave him his research notes and diaries; telling him that he would have to continue his work, when the future gave him the means to do so.

That night, as Russian tanks rolled through the streets of Berlin, Professor Helmut von Adrise locked himself in his lab, with his remaining subjects, and set it ablaze, as Erik fled to Poland and from there to Switzerland.

For decades, Erik lived as biologist Dr. Arnum Helmut Krauss. He aided in the studies of the human genome and became renowned for his breakthroughs in cancer and terminal illness treatments. All the while, he continued his father's experiments; luring test subjects with promises of ridding them of their “afflictions.”

As before, the result was always fatal. As fast as the technology was advancing, the mutated genes of these abnormal people—now called Psionics—continued to evolve. When there was a time a man could control the flame of a candle, he could now pull fire out of thin air and wield it with devastating ferocity.

Erik started the Psychokinesis Department – PsyD – within his own employer's labs, with consent and funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation. On the surface, it was to aid those who were discovering their powers to control them; as several organizations in America had begun. In actuality, it gave him easier access to better equipment and more subjects.

It was after several more decades of failed experiments, Erik was approached by a man who somehow knew of his father's work and told him of those who held fast to the German ideals of old; the International Socialist Regime. They wished for him join and help them develop the means to help cleanse the world of the Psionic plague.

He eagerly accepted, with the condition he could continue his experiments. Seeing how unlocking the Psionic genome could benefit them, the ISR gave him access to their resources and his own labs, in Europe and America, to conduct his tests away from prying eyes.

Erik still portrays the caring facade of Dr. Arnum Krauss, to appease and quiet those within the scientific community, who continually seek his knowledge. Reaching what he views as his last remaining years, Erik's resolve to complete his wok has deepened and, like his father, has begun to show signs of madness; taking his anger out on subjects and assistants, as well as occasionally calling his superiors Fuhrer.

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