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George Ironson

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Name: George Ironson

Known As: IRON SUN

Age: 28
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 185
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye: Brown
Skin color: Caucasian

Dragon Mount:
Name- Vesta
Gender- Female
Scale type- (Ruby)
Bonded time- 2 years
Breath weapons (max 2)- Plasma Blast (very powerful, but limited area), Solar Blast (wide area, minimal damage, but blinding to most and close enough to solar light to burn vampires, though enough to kill them)
Lores: Latin

Default- Limited Telepathy / Empathy- they can only use it with their dragon mount
(the dragons can speak- telepathically to anyone- even a group- though they prefer only doing so with other dragons and their riders- of course- they will speak only to their own riders- not that of another dragon). This default ability also includes an empathic connection between the dragon and the rider- where they are capable of sensing what each other are feeling. This is a trait take awakens as the bond between each pair.

Default-2- Animal Kin- dragon- all riders have learned to understand the dragons and can deal with them on a telepathic level- (only with dragons though) - they can communicate, empathize, and even deduce the dragon's state of being- the longer they have been "partnered" the closer the "relationship"

Characters Psionic Abilities-

Light Manipulation: Able to absorb and control light, mostly in the form of light blasts and crude holograms. It also allows him to protect himself and others from the blinding effect of Vesta's solar blast.

Body Armor: Able to form lightweight body armor which resembles metal plates but with less mass. Serves as very strong protection against physical force and offers some protection against other types of attacks. The armor will form up instantaneously when called, though sometimes it appears by reflex at times when it is not specifically willed. He can also cover only parts of his body with the armor.

Weapon: Light sword, he is able to call up a construct of light in the form of a sword, similar in ability to a "light saber", although the form more closely matches a traditional sword.

Background - The son of a lighthouse keeper, George was brought up with a deep sense of duty and responsibility. One aspect of his abilities began at a very early age, his ability to absorb light. He didn't do it to a great degree, but just enough so that he could stare right into a bright light without any ill effects. He was the only one of his siblings to want to follow in his father's footsteps.

George would often take shifts taking care of the lighthouse at night. During one such night, a hurricane was passing through his area. The strong winds shattered the glass of the lighthouse, though George folded his body protected by an armor that seemed to spring out of thin air. The winds also shattered the mirror which directed the light outward, but George discovered he was able to shape the beam of light himself and keep his watch throughout the night. The next morning, he was found, still standing directing the light. His father, a stoic man, reacted little to his discovery that his son was gifted. "You did what needed doing," was his only comment.

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