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Characters associated with this organization are by approval only.

The ISR- The International Socialist Regime has its roots in Socialism. The founders are former members of the Nazi party who had survived the downfall of their politics following the death of Hitler and the end of WW2. They became an underground organization. Their primary concerns were preserving their political beliefs and their genetic purity. They believed that through selective coupling they could maintain the German blood.

Over time and changes in leadership ideals changed and broadened to include other nationalities. So long as one could prove they were genetically pure and shared the beliefs of the organization- they could belong. Bi-racial coupling is forbidden.

The genocide of others for the sake of the German blood- didn't work. So, they altered their goal towards preserving genetic purity through social engineering. Now, after almost 70 years The ISR has grown to include many nationalities.

Aside from 'member-families' off-shoot groups were formed as a means to 'filter' individuals for potential membership. These various groups watch society for potential, future prospects. This is done with the intention of strengthening their numbers in society.

It is not known how many members there are or who they are. Those who are believed or suspected of being a part are mere speculation and rumors. Their numbers and other aspects are guard information- very much like secret societies such as Skull and Bones and the Majestic 12. Rumors and conspiracy theories speculate that these groups are at odds with each other- in competition.

With the discovery of Psionics, however, old ways reemerged. Seen as the ultimate corruption of human genetics- The ISR declared war. Wanting to avoid the international embarrassment from WW2- they opted for covert, obfuscated methods. The notion was to make their moves without divulging their involvement. The results of which could be easily explained away or resolved to 'cold-case' files or 'unsolvable'.
There were however, a few exceptions- groups or individuals where ego mandated boasting of the act. One example is The Consortium of Research and Development. This organization is view as the ultimate threat to humankind. They are breeders, educators, and developers of Psionics. As far as the ISR is concerned, despite the centuries that it's been around, The CRD must be eliminated and it's people 'removed'.

Although acts are normally executed quietly- there is one event on record that not only both organizations are aware of but the general information is easily available on the internet. The event is known as 'The Masterson Massacre'.

Doctor Matthew Masterson was an engineer and inventor. He made his career through the CRD by creating technological devices to aid Psionics. His most notable achievement is a device the inhibits telepathic abilities. It is not publicly known what project he was working on at the time of the incident. It is known that one of his projects or the collection of them are the reason he was targeted by the ISR. This plus the knowledge that is wife and 2 of his children were Psionics made him a target.

The ISR contracted the kill. The plan was to eliminate the family. Taking advantage of their 'annual family dinner' -a shrapnel bomb was placed inside the decorative centerpiece of the table reserved at the hotel restaurant. Once the family had gathered, just as they were about to sit down- the bomb was triggered. The localized explosion killed Dr. Masterson, his son Mitch, ex-wife, her husband, and their 7 year old daughter. The sole survivor was Katie Masterson.

The ISR used this incident to publicly declare war on the CRD.

It is noted that while the ISR seeks to destroy any and all Psionics- they are not opposed to using Psionics to destroy them.
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