We started back in November of 2002. It started out as an AOL chat room game. Over the years we evolved from chat rooms to a forum based system. On June 14, 2003 the website www.therpg.org was registered and The RPG Organization was founded.

This name has served us well over the years. As one member once said ‘it’s vanilla’. It gives us the flexibility of an umbrella group as our ‘venues’ tend to change as popularity changes with genres.

Psionics Millennium is our flagship venue. It has evolved from the chat room game based on Marvel Comics and into its own entity. Today it remains our strongest and most popular venue.

We prefer non-canon or player-created characters. These are the stories we call literary RPG. While they may be set in worlds created by some one else- we use our own characters. Every once in a while though, our writers will get the inkling too create a fan-fiction story. Either way, whatever happens the adventures keep coming.


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