The RPG Organization is a community of writers of fan-fiction & Literary RP


While these venues do share a forum, they are independent of each other.

Cross-venue stories have no affect on the individual venues.


Please read the following rules & guidelines for our community.

  1. Our Golden Rule is IRL before RPG. ‘In Real Life’ comes before Role-Play Games  
2. You must be 16 or older to join this site.
3. If you anticipate having more than one character- you need to register a master / non-character account.

New character profiles must be posted to the appropriate section in The Queue and approved prior to post-play.

5. Once your account is active- please post a message on the forum 'Introductions Please' and let us know which game you want to join. We will set you character accounts access to the right areas.


Unless otherwise posted- all games require a minimum of 200 words per post.

This is less than 1 page in word processing programs.

7. Members are expected to be self motivated with their postings. Do not allow yourself into a position where you are co-dependant on other players for your scenes.
8. Please be consistent! If you are joining a multi-writer story read it first and preserve the consistency of the story.

Ask permission to use another player’s character.

10. Do not: abuse, damage, corrupt, kill, or torture another player’s character without permission.
11. What happens in cross-venue stories have no effect on the groups main story-lines. A cross-venue area has been provided for groups interested in writing a blended storyline.
12. Opinions expressed on these forums are that of the individual poster and do not necessarily agree with the views of the administration or other members.

Side Notes:


The White Starr Lounge - is our permanent 'blender venue' what happens there stays there.

You cannot blow up the planet.

BACK IT UP! It is highly recommended that members back up their own writings. While the admins do make back-ups for the archives; members should have back-ups of their own character profiles and story contributions.

Anti harassment / hostility Policy:
  The RPG Organization is an interactive forum community. We strive for a peaceful and enjoyable environment. Harassment of other members will not be tolerated. This out of character behavior includes: deliberate intimidation, domination over another member, bully behavior, name calling, aggressive and insulting words, belittling, humiliating, degrading, and sexual or other slanderous treatment that would cause a member to feel fearful, threatened, unwelcome, or uncomfortable within our environment. If evidence is provided to substantiate complaints against these types of behavior, the accused will have their membership terminated.

Attempts to circumvent this policy through in-game behavior / character thoughts and perspectives are frowned upon. These actions are still considered hostile and membership will be terminated.

The Administration reserves the right to amend and alter these guidelines.

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