The RPG Organization is a community of writers of fan-fiction & Literary RP


While the venues do share a forum, they are independent of each other.

Cross-venue stories have no affect on the individual venues unless agreed upon by members of both or all Venues involved.

A special section is provided for these events.


Please read the following rules & guidelines for our community.

  1. Our Golden Rule is IRL before RPG. ‘In Real Life’ before Role-Play Games  
2. You must be 17 or older to join this site. We maintain an NC-17 rating.

If you anticipate having more than one character- you need a master account.

This can be a separate account for strictly OOC activity only or a character account that also acts as the master account. Either way, it serves as your primary forum communication and interaction on the forums.


Once your account is active- please post a message in the forum 'New Arrivals' introduce yourself and let us know which game you want to join. We will set you character account's access to the right areas.


Our application process. Register a character account by their code / street name then post the profile in the appropriate section of The Queue An admin or storyteller will read the profile and move it to the appropriate area. This move, without contact, means there are no issues with it. Members will be contacted only if there is an issue.

Profiles must be posted and approved prior to play.



Members are expected to be self motivated with their postings. Do not allow yourself into a position where you are dependant on other players for your post.

7. Please be consistent! If you are joining a story already in progress read the existing posts first. This is a great way to get inspiration for your first post into the story.

Word Count: We have a 200 word minimum count. All story posts must be at least 200 words. This is roughly half a page in a word doc program.

-addendum- do not give us fluff to make this count. See post # 9

9. Story Post Content- we want to see posts that do three things- involve your character (internal dialect) involve the story (external) and inspire and invite others to the scene- give other writers something to bite on and chew for their next post.

Do not: abuse, damage, corrupt, torture, or kill another player’s character without their permission.

11. The Collaboration Arena is exempt from rules # 6 and 8 as it's intended for joint posts. These posts are typically between 2 or more writers and exceed the word count minimum. They also require reliance on others for the scene.

The AU! Cross-Venue Arena- What happens in here stays here with exceptions.

Cross-Venue are not to have an effect on the group's main story-lines.

The exception is IF and only IF ALL participants are in agreement to the effect on the venues involved and with all the storytellers' approval. A cross-venue arena has been provided for groups interested in a blended storyline as well as Alternate Reality stories. The Whit-Starr Lounge serves as a gateway of sorts- a tool to be used in such cases if those involved wish to use it. Be careful though, opening the wrong door could lead to unexpected events.

13. OOC Arena - out of character posts. Opinions expressed on these forums are that of the individual poster and do not necessarily reflect or agree with the views of The RPG Organization owner, volunteer staff or other members.
14. BACK IT UP! It is highly recommended that members back up their own writings. While the admins do make back-ups for the archives; members should have back-ups of their own character profiles and story contributions.

No, you cannot blow up the planet! We also prefer that you not destroy it. Thank you.


Side Notes:

We are a political free zone.

While not an official affiliate- we recommend, for those interested, joining the community at

They offer a wide range of topics from politics, science, academics, entertainment, and so much more.

The Spaceport is not just a family, it's the other side of space.

Golden Members

I want to assure our members that everyone is equal here. No one is above the rules / exempt from them. If you feel or perceive that someone is being given special treatment - like rule bending or ignored for them- please report this- with details- immediately to me. It is my promise to you that "golden memberships" do not and will not exist here. - Sarken

Anti harassment / hostility Policy:
  The RPG Organization is an interactive forum community. We strive for a peaceful and enjoyable environment. Harassment of other members will not be tolerated. This behavior includes: deliberate intimidation, domination over another member, (bully behavior) name calling, aggressive and insulting words, belittling, humiliating, degrading, and sexual or other slanderous treatment that would cause a member to feel fearful, threatened, unwelcome, or uncomfortable within our environment. If evidence is provided to substantiate complaints against these types of behavior, the accused will have their membership permanently terminated.

Attempts to circumvent this policy through in-game behavior - your character focuses on going after another with intent on a persistent basis (reference
behavior listed above) are frowned upon. These actions are still considered hostile and membership will be permanently terminated.

The Administration reserves the right to amend and alter these guidelines.

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